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CSI-3-AXE-B   3.5 Foot Indian Holding Axe - Brown Pants
CSI-3-AXE-G   3.5 Foot Indian Holding Axe - Green Pants
CSI-3-CIG-B   3.5 Foot Indian Holding Cigars - Brown Pants
CSI-3-CIG-G   3.5 Foot Indian Holding Cigars - Green Pants
CSI-4-AXE-B   4 Foot Indian Holding an Axe - Brown Pants
CSI-4-AXE-G   4 Foot Indian Holding an Axe - Green Pants
CSI-4-CIG-B   4 Foot Indian Holding Cigars - Brown Pants
CSI-4-CIG-G   4 Foot Indian Holding Cigars - Green Pants
ANI-80-GIR-S   6 Foot African Giraffe - Stained
CSI-6-AXE-B   6.5 Foot Indian Holding Axe - Brown Pants
TOT-6-EAGLE   6.5 Foot Totem Pole Bald Eagle
ANI-100-GIR-P   8 Foot African Style Giraffe - Painted
TOT-5-EAGLE-N   Bald Eagle - Unpainted
TOT-6-EAGLE-N   Bald Eagle Carving - Unpainted
TOT-3-EAGLE   Bald Eagle Totem Pole
TOT-3-EAGLE-N   Bald Eagle Totem Pole
TOT-4-EAGLE   Bald Eagle Totem Pole
TOT-5-EAGLE   Bald Eagle Totem Pole
TOT-4-EAGLE-N   Bald Eagle Totem Pole - Unpainted
TRM-30-ELEPH   Elephant Mask Wall Hanging - Large
TRM-24-ELEPH   Elephant Mask Wall Hanging - Medium
ANI-100-DRAGON-C-D   Extra Large Chinese Dragon - Dark Stain
ANI-100-DRAGON-C-L   Extra Large Chinese Dragon - Light Stain
ANI-100-LION-D   Extra Large Lion - Dark Stain
ANI-80-DRAGON-D-D   Extra Large Medieval Dragon - Dark Stain
TOT-14-THUNDERBIRD   George Gulli Thunderbird and Bear Totem Pole
ANI-100-EAGLE-D   Large Bald Eagle - Dark Stain
ANI-100-EAGLE-L   Large Bald Eagle - Light Stain
ANI-80-COUGAR-D   Large Cougar - Dark Stain
ANI-50-ELEPHANT-P-L   Large Elephant - Light Stain
ANI-50-ELEPHANT-F-D   Large Fancy Elephant - Dark Stain
ANI-50-ELEPHANT-F-L   Large Fancy Elephant - Light Stain
ANI-80-LION-D   Large Lion - Dark Stain
TRM-40-LBK-DKB   Large Lombok Tiki Mask - Dark Brown
TRM-40-LBK-LTB   Large Lombok Tiki Mask - Light Brown
ANI-24-DOG-B-W-L   Large Walking British Bulldog - Light Stain
TOT-3-TB   Majestic Thunderbird
TOT-4-TB   Majestic Thunderbird
TOT-5-TB   Majestic Thunderbird
TOT-6-TB   Majestic Thunderbird
TOT-3-TB-N   Majestic Thunderbird - Unpainted
TOT-4-TB-N   Majestic Thunderbird - Unpainted
TOT-6-TB-N   Majestic Thunderbird - Unpainted
TOT-5-TB-N   Majestic Thunderbird - Unpainted (Natural)
ANI-80-DRAGON-C-D   Medium Chinese Dragon - Dark Stain
ANI-80-DRAGON-C-L   Medium Chinese Dragon - Light Stain
ANI-50-DOG-K-D   Medium Dog - Dark Stain
ANI-50-DOG-K-L   Medium Dog - Light Stain
ANI-30-ELEPHANT-F-L   Medium Fancy Elephant - Light Stain
ANI-40-DOG-B-S-D   Medium Sitting British Bulldog - Dark Stain
ANI-40-DOG-B-S-L   Medium Sitting Bulldog - Light Stain
TOT-5-RAVEN   Northwest Coast Style Raven
TOT-6-RAVEN   Northwest Coast Style Raven
TOT-6-RAVEN-N   Northwest Coast Style Raven - Natural
TOT-5-RAVEN-N   Northwest Coast Style Raven - Unpainted (Natural)
TOT-3-PB   Pointed Beak Raven Carving
TOT-4-PB   Pointed Beak Raven Carving
TOT-3-PB-N   Pointed Beak Raven Carving - Unpainted
TOT-4-PB-N   Pointed Beak Raven Carving - Unpainted (Natural)
license-1   Product Licensing Fee
TOT-5-PB   Raven - Pointed Beak
TOT-5-PB-N   Raven - Pointed Beak - Unpainted
TOT-6-PB   Raven Carving - Pointed Beak
TOT-6-PB-N   Raven Carving - Pointed Beak - Unpainted (Natural)
TOT-3-RAVEN   Raven Totem Carving
TOT-3-RAVEN-N   Raven Totem Carving
TOT-4-RAVEN   Raven Totem Carving
TOT-4-RAVEN-N   Raven Totem Carving - Unpainted
ANI-40-DRAGON-C-L   Small Chinese Dragon - Light Stain
ANI-40-LION-L   Small Lion - Light Stain
TRM-20-LBK-DKB   Small Lombok Tiki Mask - Dark Brown
TRM-20-LBK-G   Small Lombok Tiki Mask - Green
TRM-20-LBK-R   Small Lombok Tiki Mask - Red
TRM-20-LBK-B   Small Lombok Tiki Mask- Black
ANI-40-DRAGON-D-D   Small Medieval Dragon - Dark Stain
ANI-24-DOG-B-S-D   Small Sitting British Bulldog - Dark Stain
ANI-24-DOG-B-S-L   Small Sitting British Bulldog - Light Stain
TOT-7-HAIDA   Three Watchmen Haida Themed Totem Pole
TOT-18-VALLEY-OF-THE-EAGLES   Valley of the Eagles Cedar Totem - 18 Feet Tall

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