Totem Pole , Cigar Store Indian and Animals for Sale!
Raven, Eagle, and Thunderbird Totem Poles. Each one is hand carved and painted. Solid wood Cigar Store Indians.

Light Brown Tiki Mask Lomboc Small Lombok Mask Small Sitting British Bulldog - Light Stain
Giraffe Caving Small Sitting British Bulldog - Dark Stain Extra Large Chinese Dragon - Light Stain
Lombok Mask Large Walking British Bulldog - Light Stain Large Bald Eagle - Light Stain
Green Tiki Lombok Mask Medium Chinese Dragon - Light Stain Large Fancy Elephant - Dark Stain
Hand Painted Medium Fancy Elephant - Light Stain Medium Sitting Bulldog - Light Stain
Small Medieval Dragon - Dark Stain African Elephant Mask Medium Extra Large Lion - Dark Stain
Medium Chinese Dragon - Dark Stain Small Lion - Light Stain Large Cougar - Dark Stain
Small Lion - Light Stain
Our Price: $64.95
Large Cougar - Dark Stain
Our Price: $274.95
Medium Dog - Dark Stain Elephant Mask Large Large Elephant - Light Stain
Medium Dog - Dark Stain
Our Price: $149.95
Medium Sitting British Bulldog - Dark Stain Large Bald Eagle - Dark Stain Small Chinese Dragon - Light Stain
Extra Large Chinese Dragon - Dark Stain Haida Extra Large Medieval Dragon - Dark Stain
Three Watchmen Haida Themed Totem Pole
Our Price: $1,295.00 Last One
Large Tiki Lombok Mask Dark Brown Large Lion - Dark Stain Large Fancy Elephant - Light Stain
Large Lion - Dark Stain
Our Price: $198.95
Medium Dog - Light Stain
Medium Dog - Light Stain
Our Price: $149.95
Now you can easily buy Totem poles that have a unique history and are a celebration of the Native American Tribes of the Pacific Northwest. They are hand carved and painted using solid wood, not a cheap resin copy.  When you buy Cigar Store Indians from us, you will have a unique piece of Americana history at an affordable price.

These beautiful reproduction art pieces are made from solid wood. They are entirely hand carved and hand painted. The rich color schemes paint a visual tapestry using all shades of terra cotta, red and brown, deep greens and blues with whimsical accents. Some have metallic highlights. 

The carvings make exciting conversation pieces both indoors and out of doors. For outdoor displays, we recommend marine grade spar varnish. We can instruct you on how to do it on your own. Either way we are sure you will love your pieces!

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